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HOME > JOBS > Companies > Biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and chemical company jobs in Rockville, Maryland

Biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and chemical company jobs in Rockville, Maryland

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Company Name Short Summary
Accelovance Accelovance is focused on providing full-Service CRO services, clinical sites, and patient recruitment for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies.
Advanced BioScience Laboratories Advanced BioScience Laboratories is focused on providing contract research and manufacturing for companies developing vaccine and therapeutics.
Aeras Aeras is a non-profit product development organization dedicated to the development of effective tuberculosis (TB) vaccines and biologics to prevent TB.
Amgen Amgen develops therapeutic proteins in oncology/hematopoiesis, inflammation, and neurobiology/endocrinology.
Becton Dickinson Becton Dickinson manufactures and sells medical supplies and devices and diagnostic systems for use by healthcare professionals, research institutions, industry and the general public.
BioMarker Strategies BioMarker Strategies is focused on the development of their SnapPath™ex vivo biomarker platform to guide and improve the treatment of cancer.
BioReliance BioReliance is focused on providing testing and manufacturing services from pre-clinical research to licensure.
Clarassance Clarassance is focused on the research and development of biopharmaceutical products based on the unique family of proteins called secretoglobins.
Blue Door Pharma Blue Door Pharma is focused on R&D pharmaceutical distribution to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
Emergent BioSolutions Emergent BioSolutions is focused on the development, manufacture, and commercialization of vaccines and antibody therapeutics for infectious diseases.
Immunomic Therapeutics Immunomic Therapeutics is focused on the development of vaccines for the treatment of allergic conditions.
MacroGenics MacroGenics is focused on the development and commercialization of biologics for the treatment of autoimmune disorders, cancer and infectious diseases.
Mirari Biosciences Mirari Biosciences is focused on the discovery, research, development and commercialization of diagnostic tests based on their Microwave-Accelerated Surface ChemistryTM (MASCTM), Microwave FluidicsTM, and Direct Protein Amplification (PeplicaTM) platforms.
Novavax Novavax is focused on vaccine development using its proprietary virus-like particle (VLP) technology.
OriGene Technologies OriGene Technologies is focused on the research, development, and commercialization of full-length human cDNAs in standard expression vectors.
PPD PPD is focused on drug discovery, development and lifecycle management services to companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device industries.
Protein Potential Protein Potential is focused on providing purified recombinant proteins and DNA plasmids for research and development.
Quintiles Quintiles is a contract research organization focused on providing integrated bio and pharmaceutical services. Quintiles also offers commercial, consulting and capital services.
Regenerex Biopharmaceuticals Regenerex Biopharmaceutcials is involved in the development and commercialization of Thymosin ßeta 4 (Tß4), to heal chronic wounds caused by disease, abrasion, or other related conditions.
Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Rexahn Pharmaceuticals is focused on development of treatments for cancer and disorders of the central nervous system (CNS).
RTI International RTI International is one of the world's leading research institutes. RTI International offers consulting and collaboration in number of research areas. Relevant to life sciences are health and pharmaceuticals, statistics, laboratory services, and chemistry services.
Sanaria Sanaria is focused on the development and commercialization of a vaccine protective against malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum.
Speed Biosystems Speed Biosystems is focused on the delivery of stock reagents to our customers within 3 hours for covered local regions (some areas of Maryland and Washington, DC) and overnight elsewhere. Most of their customers are from the NIH, NCI Frederick, UMD.
Supernus Pharmaceuticals Supernus Pharmaceuticals is focused on the development and commercialization of treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders.
Tetracore Tetracore is focused on the development and commercialization of diagnostic reagents, assays, and instruments for the detection of infectious disease agents.
Theranostics Health Theranostics Health is a contract research organization (CRO) focused on providing proteomic services for protein-based biomarker discovery or translational research strategies.
TriStar Technology Group TriStar Technology Group is focused on application of a unique Tissue Micro Array platform to relate molecular target expression/amplification to clinical data.
Vanda Pharmaceuticals Vanda Pharmaceuticals is focused on research and development of products for various central nervous system disorders.

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