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HOME > Protocols > Histology > Sectioning protocols > Protocol for preparation of paraffin tissue sections

Protocol for Preparation of Paraffin Tissue Sections

  1. Section paraffin blocks at 4-6 microns and float on a water bath containing only deionized or distilled water
  2. Pick up sections on slide (poly-l-lysine or chrome alum coated)
  3. Dry overnight at room temperature
  4. Place in drying oven at 60oC for 45 minutes prior to deparaffinization
  5. Deparafinize in xylene for 10 minutes. Repeat twice for a total of three treatments
  6. Hydrate sections through graded alcohols
  7. Rinse three times with distilled water
  8. Incubate for 10 minutes with 0.1% H2O2 in PBS to quench endogenous peroxidase activity
  9. Rinse four times with PBS
  10. Slides are ready for staining
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