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HOME > Restriction Enzymes> Sources > Ilyobacter tartaricus
Ilyobacter tartaricus

BioHazard Level:

Growth Temperature:

Genomic sources for restriction enzymes (at this website):

Gram Stain:
Ilyobacter tartaricus is Gram stain negative

Ilyobacter tartaricus is anaerobic

Taxonomic lineage:
Bacteria; Fusobacteria; Fusobacteria (class); Fusobacterales; Fusobacteriaceae; Ilyobacter

Industrial uses or economic implications:
Potentially bridging the gap between biotechnology and nanotechnology, the mechanism of the F1FO-type ATP synthase of Ilyobacter tartaricus is being investigated.
Disclaimer: This information is presented as is. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, please check current reference material prior to growth or handling of microorganisms.

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