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HOME > Science Christmas gifts and science birthday gifts for lab rats
Amazon.com - Basically, it seems you can now find anything you want or need (or want and don't need) at Amazon.com. There are many things available there for the science minded.
BioTerrorism books - One sobering book to read is The Demon in the Freezer by Richard Preston, who also wrote The Hot Zone and is a regular contributor to The New Yorker. It deals mainly with the history and issues around smallpox, but touches on other issues of biodefense and bioterroism. Search Amazon.com for bioterrorism.
Digital Microscope - Yes, believe it or not you can now get your kids a real digital microscope that hooks to the computer via a USB port! Just a few years ago this was a luxury in a research lab! I can remember my first microscope many years ago had a mirror...
DNA store - The place where the secret of life is stored. The DNA Store carries a variety of tools and learning resources and you guessed it, most related to DNA! The perfect gift for that life scientist in your life is here!
Infectious Awareables - The place where health awareness, science, art, education and fashion converge. Bacteria, viruses, parasites - physiology, biology, neurology - all the "pathos" and all the "-gys" are well-represented. Visit them for a light-hearted, infectious approach to some serious stuff!
Science experiment books for kids - Two of the best I have found are Kid Science: Kitchen Science Experiments and Science in Seconds for Kids : Over 100 Experiments You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less. These are sure to provide hours of learning and entertainment for that budding scientist and lets face it, it is pretty fun for the parents as well! Search Amazon.com for kids science experiments.
Science fiction and fantasy books are always a hit - Four of my favorite authors are David Brin, Kim Stanley Robinson, Michael Moorcock, Stephen R. Donaldson. Also check out these Star Trek Books. Search Amazon.com for science fiction or fantasy.

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