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HOME > Protocols > Media and Reagents > Bradford's Reagent Recipe

Bradford's Reagent Recipe

Bradford's Reagent is used for determination of protein concentration. Bradford's reagent reacts primarily with arginine residues and secondarily with a few other amino acids. This makes it good for the quick estimation of protein concentration in a crude mixture, but not very good for estimation of a purified protein that is acidic or basic.

  1. Dissolve 50mg of Coomassie Blue G250 in 50ml of methanol
  2. Add 100ml of 85% H3PO4 to the solution from step 1
  3. Add the solution from step 2 into 500ml of H2O and mix
  4. Filter to remove and precipitates
  5. Add an additional 350ml of H2O
  6. Store at 4oC.

Cautions: Always add acid slowly into water and do not add water into acid!

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