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Schiff's Reagent Recipe

Structures rich in polysaccharides, mucopolysaccharides, or glycolipids are the principal tissues stained with Schiff's reagent after acid degreadation. These tissues include mucous glands, basement membranes, reticular connective tissue fibers, granules in some pituitary cells.

  1. Dissolve 5g of basic fuchsin in 900ml of boiling distilled water
  2. Cool to approximately 50oC and slowly add 100ml of 1N HCl
  3. Cool to approximately 25oC and dissolve 10g of K2S2O5
  4. Shake for 3 minutes and incubate in the dark at room temperature for 24 hours
  5. Add 5 grams of fine activated charcoal and shake for 3 minutes
  6. Filter solution (should be clear)
  7. Store at 4oC in a foil covered bottle

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