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HOME > Protocols > Media and Reagents > Bang's reagent for glucose determination

Bang's reagent for glucose determination

  1. Dissolve 100g of K2CO3 in 700ml of H2O at 30oC
  2. Dissolve 66g of KCl in the solution from step 1
  3. Dissolve 160g KHCO3 in the solution from step 2. Please note that the sequence these are added is important
  4. Add 4.4g CuSO4 to the solution from step 3
  5. q.s. to 1 liter after CO2 release
  6. After 24 hours, 300ml are diluted to 1 liter using saturated KCl and the resulting solution used after 24 hours. 50ml is equivalent to 10mg glucose

Caution: This solution should always be shaken in a manner to not allow entry of air. This is especially critical after the addition of the CuSO4

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