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HOME > Protocols > Microbiology Protocols, Media, and Reagents
Microbiology Protocols, Media, and Reagents

Bacterial DNA (1)
Genomic DNA from Bacteria

Bacterial RNA (0)

Bacterial Protein and Cellular Assays (2)
Antibiotic Sensitivity
Viability Assay


Bacterial Culture Media (32)
Blue green algae agar
Blue green algae broth
CASO agar
Corynebacterium agar
Gluconobacter agar
LB Agar
LB broth
LB broth (low salt)
M17 media
M9 minimal media
Mannitol agar
Mannitol broth
Marine agar
Marine broth
Nutrient agar
Nutrient broth
MRS media
Phenol red lactose broth
SOB media
SOC media
Terrific broth
TSY agar
TSY broth
YMG agar
YMG media
YPD Agar
YPD media
YPG media
YT (2x)

Bacterial Stains (6)
Albert stains
Field's Stain
Flagella Stain
Gentian Violet Stain Recipe
Gram Stain
Malachite Green

Fungal Media and Reagents (1)
Melzer's Reagent

Viral (0)

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